Man Discovers Many Holes In His Walls, What’s Inside Them Has The Whole Internet Laughing!


There are often things behind your walls you might not imagine, it’s times like home renovations that can reveal them, things like cash, jewels, antiques. As you pull out the old ready to replace with the new almost anything unexpected could be hidden!

Mark Von Thaden in California had a surprise behind his walls, but sadly for him, he wasn’t going to find something as lavish as what we said before, what he found was a critter had been doing his own renovations… and it looks like he has been doing it for a very long time!

Facebook/Mark Von Thaden

Mark just wanted to give his pool house a facelift, make it look sleek and cool inside, in the video clip he explains some of the work he needed to do, but after removing the wooden panels he notices many little holes in the walls.

Mark, with a little doom in his voice, happens to mention that he hates woodpeckers, funnily enough, a naughty little bird, a woodpecker, has been drilling holes in the walls for a special reason, he was creating a snack shack of his very own!

Facebook/Mark Von Thaden

Mark was soon going to discover that Woody the Woodpecker himself, had been a busy boy pushing acorns into the holes he drilled, for a long time!

Unfortunately for the bird, this strange tree was hollow and the acorns would fall to the bottom where he couldn’t reach them!

Even though he was on a fruitless task he just couldn’t stop himself, acorn after acorn, like throwing quarters in a slot machine, one after the other, mar was soon to discover exactly how many acorns were behind the walls…

Facebook/Mark Von Thaden

You know those bins you see at the grocery store, the vertical ones that contain nuts, beans, and rice? when you lift the slot they pour out…

Well watch the video when he lifts the insulation back, does it remind you of anything else, like in your grocery store?

This little woody-woodpecker had unknowingly been creating a mass food storage unit for acorns and that is just why this quite unhappy guy hates woodpeckers!

He certainly has his work cut out for him now, for sure!!

Facebook/Mark Von Thaden

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