2-year-old boy left in vegetative state after being cruelly battered by mom’s boyfriend

2-year-old Thomas has been reduced to a vegetative state. His family say he can 'feel nothing but pain.'


Evil does exist. People with their violent actions and their cruel nature prove that  it does exist. Child abuse is one of the worst forms of domestic violence and mistreat. Thomas Sullivan from Texas felt on his own skin the consequences of such treatment.

This 2-year old innocent and cute little boy ended up in hospital after his mother’s partner has almost broken his body by beating him up. This abuse left the kid in vegetative state, according to the doctors and his family. The Texas Children’s Hospital in September 2018 announced that he had severe head trauma, lacerated liver and several fractures and burns.

The boy’s pain is great. When admitted to the hospital, the close family members said that the boy can feel nothing but pain.

He is not the only abused child by this monster. His sister, Amery Sullivan, is also a victim of this abuser. She has suffered stomach, pelvis and ribs injuries. At the age of three she had to undergo a surgery to repair the damage done by Adam.

Furthermore, reports say that there are other victims of this abuser. It is said that he had been burning other innocent children. However, he was denying these charges by telling that the injuries were as a result of several accidents.

The abuser, Adam Thomas, did not think about the safety and well-being of the boy. As a direct consequence of this abuser’s actions, the boy may have permanent mental and physical disabilities. He ruined this boy’s life in the period when he just started understanding it.

His aunt, Sarah Sullivan, crushed with pain, said:

She said: “[Thomas] breathes on his own, and then he stops. He’s not doing well. He’s going to live, but they said we need to prepare for him to be in this state for the rest of his life.”

Both Adam Thomas and the boy’s mother were found guilty of child abuse. In February Adam got two life sentences, while his partner got 20 years behind the bars. She admitted that she failed to protect and care for the kids.

Now, the family is fighting to the custody of the kids. They are in procedure of doing that at the Child Protective Services. They have even started a funding page for collecting the money they need.

This bad and extremely violent case is a terrible thing. In a normal state of mind no one will try to harm a child. Sending a child to the hospital and ruining his life requires a monster to do that. Unfortunately, monsters do live among us.

Share the story and raise people’s awareness of this kind of domestic violence. All of us can contribute in fighting these monstrous abusers.