The Lion King cast spontaneously burst out in song on plane and entertain passengers

What happens when you're on the same flight as the cast of "The Lion King"? If you're very lucky, this!


Although traveling by plane is the fastest way to reach certain destination, there’s something about airports that bugs people. Whether it’s the long queues, the tiring security checks, or a flight delay, spending long hours waiting to board can be nerve-wracking. And once you are in, the chances of sitting next to a crying baby, or someone pushy are relatively high.

But, there are times when the flight can turn into an experience to remember. These passengers traveling from Brisbane to Sydney got the biggest surprise as they found themselves sharing the plane with the Australian cast from “The Lion King” who were getting home after spending an amazing day at Brisbane season launch announcement. As the cast started singing “Circle of Life,” by joining into the song one by one, the confused passengers were wondering what was going on. But they soon realized it was the best flash mob they’ve ever seen or heard and simply enjoyed the vivid performance.

The video has been seen close to 45 million times, and people agree how watching it left them jamming out. This is definitely worth checking out.