A 16th Birthday, Dad UnTarped The Gift, What Looks Like A Car Makes Her Laugh and Laugh


A coming of age birthday is marked, usually, by the ages 16 or 18 depending on your family and your location, but at least in the USA and UK 16 is a pretty significant milestone, and certainly in the USA this coming of age represents the time when you can legally drive a car of your own, licence permitting of course!

This undoubtedly is one of those times when a lot of 16-year-olds receive a car to mark their passage into having more independence, and of course, this is duly noted by advertisers on TV, and television commercials too!

So when you see a video of a father leading a daughter, blindfolded, outside to unwrap, maybe, a car, too many teenagers it’s a dream come true!

Dad took the blindfold off his daughter, while mom was recording the whole thing, in front of her was a large tarpaulin and a large ‘something’ underneath the tarp, she started to laugh nervously and excitedly!
The mom was recording this reveal as both dad and daughter were laughing, was it too short to be a car?

Her dad played along with the thought that it could be a car, he said:

“Darling, this is for you.” … “Cuz you’ve been such a good girl…We thought you’d need your own car.”

She was still laughing and guessed that it could be a boat, but her father insisted it was a car!

Finally, he lifted up the tarp, to reveal her ‘car’ underneath, his daughter started laughing even more! Underneath the tarp was hidden a small three-wheeler motorized vehicle.

This is the best moment to just simply pause the video and admire completely the effort dad make for this prank, the long branches of wood taped together to make the shape of a car! All the effort paid off and really made his daughter laughed and laughed.

His daughter was completely in with the joke now and appreciated the humour absolutely, darting around the new vehicle and giving mom the video a thumbs up for the great birthday gift.

For sure this was a truly memorable 16th birthday, and all captured on video, awesome right?

Wouldn’t you be encouraged as a dad to now do such an awesome funny prank too, provided of course you had a real birthday gift too, would you?