Caught On Dash Cam, He Is Truly Grateful For What This Guy Does To Him


There are so many things in life that pass us by and that we pass by and ponder a moment to think, “I wonder what that was about?” , but in the case of Pavel Fesyuk, who decided to investigate the curious situation he encountered, it was a good decision!

Pavel is a talented man and not only a former contestant on the television show American Ninja Warrior, but also a mixed martial arts fighter! But upon his curiosity and investigation, he wouldn’t need those talents… He just needed a strong sense of duty to help others in need.

Pavel was driving his car at the time and he saw that a car had stopped on the side of the road and a man was next to the car, it was William Harris and he wasn’t just standing next to the car…

He was actually, and more descriptively, doubled over! Pavel was not quite sure what was going on but he felt a deep sense that he should do something.

When Pavel got close to William he straight away made it clear that he needed help, he was choking!

Pavel thought that a good pat on the back would help this guy in distress, but it was very apparent that he needed drastic help, and fast!

Pavel quickly wrapped his hands around William Harris, stood behind him, and rather expertly performed the Heimlich Maneuver!

After two large contractions William could breathe again, thankfully, and amazingly it was all captured on the dashboard camera of Pavel’s car!!

Good Samaritan Saves Choking NY Motorist With Heimlich

PERFECT STRANGER: A motorist choking in the street is grateful for a good Samaritan in the right place at the right time who performed the Heimlich – with the save caught on camera.

Gepostet von ABC World News Tonight with David Muir am Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2017

The newsgroup ABC News posted the video to their Facebook Page there were a lot of people that were, of course, very proud of Pavel, in fact, Jennifer Guggisberg said:

“This world needs more people like this!! God Bless Him!”

And… Joyce Caro said:

“God Bless that Good Samaritan. I am proud of him, right there and then, there was no black or white, just being a good person.”

After William could literally take a breath again, a full clear breath, he and Pavel had a conversation, albeit brief, before they returned to their own cars!

I hope if one day if I was choking that some amazing person would come to help me too, what a terrible way to die if you were to choke for the sake of a helping hand!

Or maybe Shakespeare could compare it to the loss of his kingdom for the sake of a horse?