An Ultrasound Destroys Mom’s Dreams, She Prayed, But Was Completely Numb


The most incredible times in your life, as a new mom is when you get to know the sex of your baby, maybe as a surprise or well before the birth actually happens, it’s a great and happy moment. She can imagine the colour and plan the nursery, even see in her mind’s eye the future of her little one and the many many cute outfits she will buy!

Katie Whiddon was nervously waiting for her 18 week ultrasound and hoping that her baby was a little girl, but when the ultrasound tech left the room in a hurry, she thought maybe she could quite be sure of something she saw, maybe it was hard to tell the sex of the baby properly?

The tech came back with a doctor, which must have felt maybe a little reassuring that a doctor was there too now, and Katie was feeling absolutely positive and unquestioning that there could at all be a problem!

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The doctor had some terrible news to tell her:

“Things aren’t good. Things are really bad…”

Katie was made aware of a problem, she was having a son that didn’t have any legs and only had upper arms…

She did consider many options before this moment happened, but she never even give this possibility a second thought, she couldn’t believe that her precious baby would never walk or ride a bike, or even be able to simply just hold hands.

Not wanting her son to have a life of hardships and suffering, she made an appointment for an abortion, she did, however, pray for peace, but all she could do was cry and cry!

She talked to her mom and her sister, she needed to know if she was really doing the right thing, and deep down she knew that she had to keep her baby. She found out after that other people had been praying for her and her strength too, that night!

She knew straight away that things were going to be incredibly difficult, especially as a single mom, but thankfully her family were so supportive and completely understood and supported her decision. They encouraged her to move home so they could be a bigger part of her life and to help her go to college.

Moving forward three years and her son, Camden, was really doing well for himself, in fact, a video of him and his little bro went viral with over 60,000 like on Facebook.

The video shows Camden being calmed down by his baby brother as he gives him his pacifier. Katie is so proud of her sons, and how they really look after each other even now!

Katie Wrote:

“I know that most people look at Camden and think, poor child. But when he gets comfortable in his surroundings and starts doing things on his own, everyone always gathers around to watch!”

“Don’t underestimate someone just because of the cover they were born in”

Katie Whiddon is so grateful that she actually did make the right decision to give her son life, every day is amazing!