Young Girls Actions Towards Strangers After Accident Goes Viral

Multiple people passed by the scene when the man caught sight of a young girl with two dogs heading in his direction, leaving him completely shocked by her actions.


People like to think of themselves as quick to lend a helping hand, but the reality is that when disaster strikes most people are too wrapped up in their own personal lives to inconvenience themselves with another strangers problems. Fred Crooks and his co-worker Isaac Mantley were heading to a job in their work truck with a trailer attached to the back when disaster struck.

As the men were driving, a septic truck crashed into them, missing their truck but hitting the trailer they were carrying behind them. Thankfully, the two men walked away with no injuries, but had the septic truck hit their truck instead they wouldn’t have walked away at all. Fred’s daughter Chelsea said it was a miracle the men avoided any injuries at all.

Facebook/Chelsea Crooks

Following the accident, Fred had to spend the next four hours on the side of the road while the police sorted things out and filed a report.

That’s when a tiny blonde girl with two dogs came into the picture . . .

Fred recalls the encounter saying,

It was a terrible day for me but this little girl was the highlight of my day. She didn’t know me from the bogeyman or the man on the moon.

The young girl had been walking her two dogs when she saw the scene of the accident. Without any hesitation she approached Fred to ask how she could help. The girl then took off but moments later was back, this time walking very slowly towards them.

Fred says:

“When she came down the second time this little girl was walking so lightly because she had a glass of cold water and you could tell she was trying hard not to spill it. She brought down some treats, too, and she turned a bad day into a good day. She was so kind and thoughtful.”

Facebook/Chelsea Crooks

Fred was so deeply touched by the little girls actions. In the heat of the moment he’d forgotten the girls name. So when he returned home he told his daughter Chelsea about the incident and Chelsea turned to Facebook to find the little girl. She posted about the story saying,

The point of this post was hopefully it would reach the parents of a kind hearted amazing young girl, who blew my dads emotions away with her generosity and how caring a young soul could be. This little girl my father could not remember her name but she was around 11 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes, she had two dogs and the only one that dad could identity was a tall black poodle. She lived on Waterford Ct in Fall River, this sweet little girl after the accident brought my father down water and these treats that are show cased in the picture. Many of people drove past the accident and and 90 percent of them didn’t stop, however this is what this little girl did. She is a behind the scenes hero and angel as the temperatures were hot and they had to stay on the accident scene for hours.

YouTube/The Enfield Weekly Press & The Laker

The family wanted to thank the little girl in person.

Thanks to the hero who helped cool my dad and uncle off, and fill their bellies. And please if you see this post share it so it can reach her parents and we can personally thank them. Her act of kindness was worth more than anything. This is a reminder that people are still raising their children with respect, compassion and all the positive. This also goes to show that there is decency left in humankind, and it doesn’t always have to be an “adult” show it. This small simple act has touched a lot of hearts, and will never be forgotten. This little girl needs to be honored, for spreading help & love.

After Chelsea’s post was shared by multiple people they were able to locate the 11-year-old girl named Robin McElroy. Robin’s mom saw the post and responded saying,

Yes !!! I’m very proud… thank you for your very very kind words.. I had to pull over my car to read it before I start work … so glad they’re both ok ?? ??

Heroes aren’t always adults and this young lady proves that being kind to others doesn’t cost anything at all. Watch Robin being interviewed in the video below, explaining why she decided to help the men in need.