Woman stuck in flood can’t believe her eyes as a group of Marines wearing dress blues runs towards her

"The most American thing ever!"


Many people from other parts of the world dream of living in America. They all desire to achieve the American Dream at the land of freedom, honor, justice, and opportunity.

One thing that makes America a great country is its military. The men and women who serve are our pride and joy.

A recent video shared on TikTok by the user @vigi.boo shows the incredible sense of sacrifice by our Marines.

With the recent floods which took place in Virginia, many found themselves stuck on the roads, unable to move for many hours. The woman behind the video got stranded in the middle of a highway in Arlington, Virginia’s Columbia Pike, parts of which were completely flooded.

As she was standing there not knowing what to do, she spotted a group of Marines wading through the water to help her. They were wearing their dress blues and were more than willing to do what they do best, serve the citizens.

“The Marines are going to help us?” the woman could be heard asking. “We just got stuck.”

The men, whose uniforms were soaked because of the pouring rain, started pushing the vehicle.


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“This is the most American thing ever,” the woman in the video could be heard saying in excitement. She kept repeating “Thank you so much!” to the Marines as they pushed the vehicle.

Many media users who have seen the video agree with the woman who took it. This truly was “The most American thing ever.”

“As an immigrant we don’t usually see these things in the country I grew up in,” the woman wrote alongside the video she shared online, according to ARLNow. “I am so grateful for the country and its Marines and military.”

Some commented that the heroes who lent a helping hand were in their uniforms because they were “the guys that ceremoniously carry the caskets of fellow Marines at Arlington National Cemetery.”

A sign for the Memorial Bridge, which is near the historic military resting grounds, could be seen in the background of the video.

What these Marines did is all our country should be about, and that’s taking care for one another. Thank you and may God bless you all.