Mother meets her daughter 69 years after the hospital pronounced her baby dead

After Genevieve Purinton gave birth she was told her daughter didn't survive. Decades later, she received news that would change her life forever.


Our hearts break into a million pieces for this poor mother who missed so much in life. She missed holding her baby daughter in her arms, singing her lullabies, getting her ready for school, and what’s most, she missed the birth of her grandkids, as well as seeing their kids come to this world. It’s heartbreaking to know that her life could have been a lot different, but unfortunately, it is now way too late for anything to be changed.

Genevive Puriton was an 18-year-old lady when she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby daughter back in 1949. She was over the moon and couldn’t wait to embrace her bundle of joy when she heard the nurses saying how the baby didn’t make it. This young mother’s world collapsed. This affected her so hard that she couldn’t move on and have a family on her own or any more kids. 

However, little did this woman know that her biological daughter was safe and sound, living with a foster family on the other side of the country. Connie Moultroup always wanted to trace her biological parents. And now, after 69 years, her dream came true. 

With the help of DNA tests and analyzes Connie came to the conclusion that her mother was the 88-year-old lady Genevieve Purinton. The encounter between the long lost mother and daughter is something so deep and touching that it will make tears of emotions roll down your face. This is the most beautiful moment in the life of Genevieve. 

However, it is beyond sad that they can never make up for all the years lost. This mother was condemned to a lifetime of emptiness and loneliness. The poor lady missed all the joys, but at least she got the one last chance to kiss her baby girl. 

Take a look at the heartwarming reunion in the video below!