What this Woman Sees The Plumber Doing Goes Viral!


Most of us, in general, have our office jobs, even some of us work from home, but some of us have to deal with dirtier harder jobs! One person who has one of these challenging and dirty elements in their work is Jimmie Cox.

Just outside of Fort Worth, Texas, Jimmy is a utilities employee who regularly has to overcome problems most of us wouldn’t even think of. Recently when he went to service a broken water pipe in someones home, he encountered one of these problems.


The water just kept going, he couldn’t work out where the leak was. He decided then, to do the only thing that was left to do… He dove deep into the hole!

He did it just to look after his customer, like he does for all his customers, this guy is not only dedicated to his job but he really goes above and beyond for all his customers.

The owner of the house, a woman, came outside to see Jimmie’s torso, deep in the mucky water! After she checked to see that he was really ok, and he wasn’t in trouble, she took a picture of him (with his permission of course).


Jimmie wasn’t paying any attention to the woman taking the photo, he was busy on the job. Gladly Jimmie was able to repair the broken pipe, he really didn’t realize how the picture would go viral!

Jimmie’s picture was even noticed by “Dirty Jobs” master, Mike Rowe.

Mike saw the picture of Jimmie’s body totally submerged in the murky water and contacted him directly.


There was just one question he wanted answering; ‘was it a water main or a sewage main?’ Laughing Jimmi confirmed it was just a water pipe!’

Not only that, but Jimmy got a surprise from Wrangler (the jeans brand he was wearing) who sent him a year’s supply of jeans!


It just goes to show that it really does pay to go above and beyond!