White Woman, a Lawyer, Arrested for Spitting on 17-year-old Black Protester

The 64-year-old lawyer disgusted the whole country after she was filmed spitting on a teen protester.


With the protests taking place all over the country after the killing of George Floyd by a member of the police, we still witness assaults based on race and we truly wonder if the issue of racism will ever end.

During one of the protests as part of the movement Black Lives Matter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a white lawyer was filmed spitting on a 17-year-old protester. The 64-year-old woman, Stephanie Rapkin, has since been arrested. She was also reported to had kneed on an officer.

Rapkin parked her car on the way of the protesters and refused to move it. “She won’t move her car, so we can’t go. She won’t move her car,” the person filming could be heard saying.

Speaking to WDJT, the teen who got spit on by Rapkin, Eric Lucas, said he was “mentally and physically shaken to be assaulted by an adult in my own community during a pandemic.”

“That my people and me, a young black man living in a white American can one day be equal. Every day my heart stays warm with a chance of success in this cause. Winning against injustice poverty. Winning against poverty,” he added.

Rapkin not only assaulted Lucas but wrongfully accused him of pushing her first. When they confronted her and said she wasn’t telling the truth as they had her on video, she got mad and pushed another student, Joe Friedman.

As for the second incident involving Rapkin, Shorewood PD released the following, “The victim in today’s incident reported he was peacefully protesting on the sidewalk in front of suspect’s home when the suspect came out and engaged in a verbal altercation with the protesters. The victim reported the suspect then slapped both of her hands on the victim’s chest and physically pushed him.”

Rapkin was held at the Milwaukee County Jail for one night with bail set at $950.

There is no excuse for what this lawyer did. Her act disgusted the whole country.