Air Force veteran drops to his knees crying after total strangers show up at apartment with furniture

Illness had taken away his ability to work and provide for himself. He couldn't pay his debts and was left with an empty home.


War veterans deserve all the gratitude in this world for their sacrifice was huge and must never be forgotten. Sadly, many of these people experience hard life once they return to their homeland. Many suffer from PTSD and other stress related conditions. The number of those veterans who fail to get used to the life home and can’t find another job is also huge.

Air Force veteran Ron Hyde didn’t have it easy in life. He was now home, but his health condition was poor as he had cancer and decided to end the chemo treatments he was getting. Living all by himself in a tiny apartment, with only a mattress, didn’t break this man’s spirit. Although he had no furniture and no money, he was still thankful he had a place to call a home.

One event, however, changed Hyde’s days and brought a little happiness in his life.

Hyde visited Goodwill in hopes of finding a nice chair for his place. He purchased a pink one and he loved it, but the thing was that he didn’t know how to get it home as he couldn’t find anyone with a vehicle large enough.

That’s when a woman from Ramona posted online, asking for a good Samaritan to help Hyde transport the chair to his El Cajon, California, home. Although she hoped someone would come across her plea and offer help, neither she, nor Hyde ever though so many people would step in.

Just two days after the purchase, Hyde spotted a large U-haul in front of his home. He had no idea it was full with brand new furniture, and that it was all for him. As he saw people from the neighborhood bringing all that stuff in, he couldn’t contain his excitement.

He just knelled at the kitchen’s counter and shed tears of joy. This veteran’s faith in humanity was restored.

“Who knows how much time he has left?”

one person asked, knowing Hyde was battling cancer.

“But we can at least make it comfortable — he doesn’t have to live on a mattress in the corner.”

Hyde says what he experienced was “a real miracle.” He can now call his place a home. We wish he recovers completely and spend his days in happiness.