Toddler Spills Huge Slushee In Target, Onlooker Quickly Grabs Her Phone

The little boy made a big mess, but a nearby woman was left speechless at what the boy's dad said.


You may spend endless hours teaching your child how to behave in public, but the reality is that at the end they would still act the way they want, or the way they see how you act.

Handling a situation of your kid throwing tantrum during your shopping trip isn’t that easy. If you opt to calm them down, it will likely make them scream even louder. But if you yell back, you are definitely going to be labeled as a bad parent by the onlookers.  

The thing is that we as parents have to find a way of coping with our kids’ naughty behavior in public and use the methods that work best for them. 

Kalynne Marie, a mother of a two-year-old child was having coffee at Starbucks when she spotted a father and his boy walk in the shop. That’s when the boy accidentally spilled a slushee all over the place. What caught Marie’s attention was the father’s reaction. She though that situation described what it really means to nail at parenting and she shared it on her Facebook page.

Here’s what she wrote:

It’s amazing how the father turned the ‘unpleasant’ situation in his favor and used it to teach his son a valuable life lesson. Now his child knows that making mistakes can happen to everyone, but when it does, he has to take a responsibility for it. And yes, asking for help when you need some isn’t something to be embarrassed of. 

“As soon as the father started helping his son clean up, I opened the Notes app on my phone and wrote what he said word for word, because I was so inspired by how he was handling the situation,” she said.