Toddler Gets Too Close to a Baby Gorilla

The little boy sure wasn't expecting that!


Although we have witnessed humans and wild animals being friends before, it still comes as a surprise when we see how people interact closely with lions, tigers, and gorillas. This is especially unusual when it comes to children getting close to these animals. Just like little Isaiah and the baby gorilla he met while at the Columbus Zoo in Congo. 

Kamoli, the cute baby gorilla spotted Isaiah getting closer to the glass behind which he stood wanting to say hi and maybe play a bit.

Speaking of the lovely encounter, Isaiah’s mom, Sherry Chute told Columbia Dispatch: “He was just looking at the gorillas and we said to him ‘Isaiah what do the gorillas do?’ and he started pounding his chest.” Isaiah’s mom Sherry Chute told The Columbia Dispatch.

Kamoli and Isaiah had the time of their life running from one side of the enclosure to the other, and whenever the animal would run, Isaiah would follow. Then, Kamoli would play hide-and-seek and would get behind a tree, and Isaiah would try to find him. 

Isaiah’s parents were overjoyed their little boy experienced such incredible adventure as to be friends with a unique animal. Well, how many of us get to hang out with a cute gorilla?

The fun time lasted for about five minutes, but those were the best five minutes ever for the new friends. The glass between them didn’t stop them from enjoying the game of tag.  

As he was leaving the place, Isaiah said “bye gorilla!”

“It was a really fun interaction,” Chute said. “Isaiah is just like that. Anyone who knows him knows thats he’s super playful. It was so fun to see him interact with the animals and know what they were. He was just so truely blissful in that moment, it melted his mommy’s heart.”

Once the video was shared on the Internet, people fell in love with it and it soon reached more than 2.5 million views. 

“That is so cute.just shows how much alike human children and baby gorillas are alike. How can people poach these amazing animals in the wild?,” one commenter said.

“Harambe reincarnated, showing everyone he just wanted to play with children,” another added.

Make sure you take a look at Isaiah and Kamoli playing in the video below.