Tim Conway Makes Co Star Break Character With Hilarious Fall

I almost fell off my chair laughing - no wonder Carol and Harvey broke character and burst into laughter as well.


What’s better than when you end the day with a relaxing bath and a good TV show that makes you laugh and helps you gather the energy for the next day. While these days there are some top-notch comedies staring famous comedians, nothing compares with the good old shows such as Carol Burnett Show that stood the test of time and it’s still one of our favorite.

Well, we can’t expect less from a crew that’s one of a kind, so whenever there are the names of Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Tim Conway listed next to each other, that’s acting to remember. One of the best scenes that today’s featured star Tom shot left not only the audience, but his fellow actors as well, in stitches.


These types of shows are usually shot in front of a life audience so the actors are under pressure to do everything right the first time they shoot a scene. But for actors like Tim, nothing is a challenge. He makes his job looks like a piece of cake, that’s how good he is.

Playing the role of Carol’s grandpa, he is about to come down the stairs, but why would he do it as every other person would when he can fall down in full slow-motion. It’s one of the best scenes ever and it makes us burst out laughing every time we watch it. Yes, you are gonna see it more than once, that’s for sure. Carol and Harvy can’t contain their laughter either.
During the filming he became known for cracking up his co-stars with his improvisations.


Tim had an impact on the whole show. It wouldn’t be the same without his amazing acting skills as a comedian. He later moved to other shows and films. During the late 70s he paired with Don Knotts for several movies and later enjoyed success with the Dorf movies. This six-time Emmy award winner lent his voice to Barnacle Boy, the Nickelodeon’s fictional character in Spongebob Squarepants. A trait of most of the characters he played is their goofiness.


Tim is a comedy legend. This epic scene is just a reminder of his amazing acting.