Daughter finds items belonging to neighbor after cleaning dad’s place out

After the elderly neighbor’s passing his daughter went by to clean up and collect items inside his home. But when she came across a bag filled with items she didn’t recognize she was shocked to discover the contents inside belonged to the 2-year-old next door. Sensing she needed to have a word with her fathers neighbors, she stopped by their place leaving them rattled when they took a look inside the bag and discovered what their neighbor had done without them knowing.


Ken Watson wasn’t a regular retiree. At the age of 85, this brave old man learned how to skydive, and that was just one of the many risky stunts he enjoyed performing. Each day of his life was an adventure and he lived it to the fullest. But this man had a secret that his family learned of only after he said the last goodbye.

Although it may sound unusual, this loving elderly became friends with a 2-year-old Cadi whose family lived next door. Everyone was aware that he grew fond of her, but no one knew how much. After his funeral, Ken’s daughter went through his stuff and was stunned to find something that belonged to the sweet little neighbor.

Facebook/CBS News

Ken knew that his life was coming to an end which meant he wouldn’t be able to give Cadi presents for the most beautiful time of the year, so he came with an amazing idea that touch the hearts of everyone. The old man bought 14 Christmas gifts he carefully wrapped. He wanted Cadi to receive a different present until she would turn 16. Owen, Cadi’s dad,a told the BBC:

“Our elderly neighbour passed away recently. His daughter popped round a few moments ago clutching a large plastic sack. In the sack were all the Christmas presents he’d bought for *our* daughter for the next thirteen years.”

Owen and his wife shared an emotional moment remembering the loving neighbor who cared so much for little Cadi. They had no idea how he planned on delivering the gifts each year, they only knew it was the sweetest thing ever.

Twitter/Owen Williams

Cadi’s family wanted to grant their neighbor’s wish and arrange for the girl to be getting different present every Christmas, but the thing was that they weren’t labeled and they didn’t know what order they should be opened. They were probably carefully selected to fit her age over the years.

Owen was curious and opened one of them, and there was a book inside. Another one had a plush toy, as for the rest, well, that remains a mystery.

Twitter/Owen Williams

Ken only knew Cadi’s parents for a couple of years, because it was two years before the baby girl was born that he moved in the neighborhood. But he loved that girl as though she was his own granddaughter. Owen says Ken was a “real, real, character” and his actions do confirm that he was one of a kind. A neighbor anyone would ask for.

Nowadays, not many people have close relationships with those living around because everyone is way too busy to be making friends with the neighbors. Ken however, was an old school. He lived in the time when people were more supportive of one another, and knew how to wave hi and goodbye with a smile whenever they’d see each other.

We hope we’ll learn how to live in the spirit of appreciating our neighbors the way Ken did.