FedEx Driver Feels God Call Her To Pray with Woman, Returns to Her Front Door 20 Stops Later

'When you feel that call, that tug on your heartstrings, do you move your feet? Do you move?'


Nowadays, not many young people set as a mission in life to be providing help and assistance to those in need or those who deserve to be given recognition for what they do for the country and the community. But Amanda Riggan is unlike other people. This woman lives her life by letting God and his will guide her and show her the right path.

She works as a FedEx driver, but is running the organization “Hungry Heroes” at the same time. This organization thanks local heroes by providing them with food. This is their goal:

“Thanks to the amazing support from the community and local businesses, Hungry Heroes has been able to serve over 600 heroes throughout York County and surrounding areas since it was founded in April 2018.”

“Feeding 1st Responders one agency at a time — we serve those who serve and protect us as our way to show our appreciation to Police, Fire, EMS, and Military. Serving BBQ with a ‘Thank You.’”

However, Amanda’s recent experience that she shared on Facebook is what makes her stand out as a person who is devoted to bringing smile and happiness in the life of others. Below is the touching story of the encounter she had with a lovely elderly woman she stumbled upon while doing her job.

“As I’m delivering, I pull up to this house, the lady walks out because she’s checking her mailbox for her newspaper. And I have two boxes for her, so we start walking up the driveway together, and she asks me if I had a happy holidays, and I was telling her how busy it was.”

“I told her I had a really great Christmas and New Years, and I asked her the same, I was like ‘how was your holidays?’ And with tears in her eyes, she said it wasn’t good. She said, ‘He’s sick. My husband’s sick. He has cancer.’”

“I continue to small talk and try to change the subject because that’s awkward, and I deliver her package. She said ‘what’s your name?’ I said ‘Amanda,’ and she told me her name. I drove off. My heart’s pounding. I do probably 20 more stops, and I have to go back.”

She was well aware that going back would mean being late and getting off the tight schedule, but she also knew nothing was more important than being there for a person in need. God works that way, He puts on our path someone we should lend a helping hand to, and that’s exactly what Amanda did.

“I stopped what I was doing. I went back to that neighborhood, and rang her doorbell, and asked her — she came down the stairs, she had tears in her eyes when she saw it was me, she smiled, and I said ‘Ma’am can I pray with you?’ And she just broke down. She came out on the front porch and squeezed me so tight.”

She made a decision to knock on that woman’s door once again and tell her that she’s not left to fight her battles alone. Amanda has some words of wisdom to share with those who will ever find themselves in a similar situation.

“The point of this is, is a lot of people want the Lord to use them, and for me — as an example, I pray every day for the Lord to use me, but when He’s trying to use you or when you feel that call, and that tug on your heartstrings, do you move your feet? Do you move?”

“When you feel those tugs on your heartstrings, and you feel like you need to do this, stop and do it.”

“If you’re praying for the Lord to help and to use you in people’s situations, when He is giving you a chance, do it. . . Be sure you know what you’re praying for when you’re praying.”

We are beyond thankful for people like Amanda who make a difference in people’s life and make this world a better place.