Tim Tebow Surprises Special Needs Prom Date, Leaves Mom In Tears

She was left completely speechless…


Tim Tebow’s charities has given hope to so many children in need of love. This young athlete who is a devoted Christian has done the most amazing thing by founding an event that changes the lives of the young people with special needs. Night to Shine gives these teens a chance to understand how important they are and how dreams do come true. The event is organized in February as a prom party that hosts a great number of young people aged 14 and older.

Judy Adams was one of the guests of last year’s event sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. Tim did for this very special young lady something she will never forget.


Judy asked Tim to be her prom partner during the event he hosted but he had to turn her down, and now he got on The Tonight Show elaborating his reasons he had to say no to the sweet offer. But he had something in his sleeve, a surprise that Judy didn’t expect. Tim really is a very special guy who never ceases to melt our hearts.


“She is so amazing and so inspirational, and she is here.” He called Judy’s name and approached the crowd, took her hand and asked her for a dance. Needless to say, the excited teenager gave him a resounding “Yes!”

Her mother couldn’t hold the tears back because this was her daughter’s dream coming true in front of her eyes.

This has to be the best prom dance both for Tim and Judy. Take a look at the touching moment in the video below.