Bored Passengers Get Treated To An Unexpected Musical Performance

His talent is off the charts.


Getting stuck at the airport between flights or because of a delay can be nerve-racking, mostly because it’s downright boring. If you are lucky to be traveling to or from some of the most exciting airports such as the Munich airport in Germany, then you can have fun because this one is a destination itself. It offers a behind the scene tours, you can watch films on aviation in the airport’s 60-seat cinema, or just stop for a teeth cleaning at the airport dental office.

But this group of passengers found themselves waiting at an airport in Malta, which is an ordinary one and doesn’t offer any specific type of fun, except for a couple of shops. However, these people were treated with something really unique. A piano performance by one of the famous composers and pianists who showed his talent in the middle of the lobby.


As everyone was either taking a quick nap, or staring on their phone’s screen, a man dressed in casual clothes, a shirt, comfy shorts, and slippers, approached the piano. Once he opened the lid and started moving his fingers over the keyboard, it was obvious it wasn’t going to be ‘just an ordinary day’ at the airport.

The man is actually a renowned composer who has around 70,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He makes his own music and treats the world with unique and ear-catching compositions. Evgeny Khmara gave the passengers a day to remember.


His amazing talent and the way he “plays” with the instrument caught the attention of everyone present. One by one, people started gathering around. Many took their phones out making sure they capture the amazing performance. The pleasant music put a smile on the onlookers’ faces who are clearly enjoying the melody.

Even the young kids who were playing and running around took their time to stop and listen to the enchanting sound. Everyone is watching with a rapt attention.


Evgeny’s performance was simply flawless. He is a true professional who does his best no matter if he performs on a stage or in the middle of an airport. Aside from making original music, he also does covers of famous songs. Playing on public places isn’t something he does for the first time. He has done it before simply because he wants making random peoples’ days. Evgeny is a great musician and a kind-hearted person. We would like to stumble upon one of his public performances.

We are sure the passenger didn’t get mad for the flight delay because they got to enjoy something very special.