Teenage Boys Help Elderly Man Who Finds Himself Needing Help

The teens had no idea a bystander was watching them and snapping photos of the stirring sight they couldn’t ignore when the elderly man fell.


Good people definitely still exist. A group of young boys proved that kindness and good-hearted people are around us and they are always there to help the vulnerable.

Moreover, what this story teaches us is that good-doing pays off. The community is aware of the good-hearted and kind people and they can reward them in any possible way. You just don’t know what kind of help you need to provide.

This interesting story happened in Caldwell, Idaho. The group of young boys were having a great time together while walking the Caldwell streets. On their way home, they came across an old man, who had problems walking.

Jose Gomez had problems with his walking. Therefore, he used the walker. Unfortunately, his legs could not keep the body upright and he fell. A young man saw Jose and tried to help him. However, the problem was that Jose could not stand on his own legs!

The group of boys saw the man trying to help Jose. Upon seeing that the man cannot do the task on his own, they jumped into action. They helped the old man stand up. However, they quickly realised that the man cannot walk on his own, and the boys decided to walk him home safely.

Nevertheless, the boys were not aware of one thing. People around them saw this kind gesture. Erika Tovar is the woman who saw the boys kindness in action and she documented all of that. She also took some photos.

Erika uploaded the photos on her Facebook page and spread this kind story with her friends and community. She posted:

“Shout out to these young boys for helping an elderly man off the ground after he fell and walking him home.”

The post quickly got spread among her friends.  In a very short time more than 700 times if has been shared. Everyone acknowledged the boys’ kindness. As a reward to their action, the Sweet Spot Bakery prepared a surprise for the boys. They promised to treat the teenagers and the man with some of their sweets.

This story got the local news stations’ attention. The news and the people who learn about the boys’ actions expressed words of gratitude for their kindness and supported the teenagers’ good-doing. During the interviews the boys wanted to say that they helped the man just because he needed help, not for the treats or the fame on the local stations. They would never do good things just to have some material or non-material benefits.

These boys taught us a lesson. Helping people is the best thing we can do for our community and the simple ‘Thank You’ words in many cases are the best rewards. Well done boys!