Teen Sings Beautiful Rendition Of “Hallelujah”

This took my breath away, what a moving rendition of one of my favorite songs.


We are sure you have heard many different versions of the song ‘Hallelujah’. As one of the most popular compositions, the song is sang by various different singers and with various different quality. Since 1984, the year of its release, Leonard Cohen remains widely recognized by this very successful tune.

Among the most powerful performances of the song is the version sang by McKenna Breinholt and the Cinematic Pop Orhcestra and Choir. On June 9 2015 at the Mesa Arts Centre in Mesa, Arizona, the singer and the orchestra joined their forces and amazed the crowd. The singer is backed up by the choir and together they give a performance worth remembering for the rest of your life.

The beginning of the song is performed only by the musicians. Their smooth and well-harmonized tunes make you feel fantastic. However, as soon as the girl joins the orchestra, the atmosphere becomes marvellous.

McKenna showed what kind of vocal skills she possesses. Her singing is near perfection. The clear voice and the lyrics make this performance quite remarkable. However, the choir does its job wonderfully as well. The energy they transmit to the audience is just amazing.

Take a look at this performance. Since we are sure you have seen many different versions of the song, you don’t want to miss this one. Who knows, maybe this one will become your favorite performance of the well-known ‘Hallelujah’.