Strangers Act Towards Little Boy On Subway Makes Headlines

The man had no idea the person sitting across from him was recording the entire exchange. But it didn’t take long for the footage to pick up steam and go viral once it was posted online.


Sometimes people surprise us. And in the big city of New York City where everyone and everything is moving fast it can sometimes be hard to appreciate the little things. So when one man boarded the NYC subway he wasn’t expecting his trip to make headlines all over the internet because of his actions. Little did he know it’d be because of a tiny passenger sitting next to him that people would remember his face.


Unbeknownst to the man on the train a tiny passenger sitting next to him was looking over his shoulder at his phone. The man had his earphones in and was playing some sort of game on his phone when he suddenly felt little eyeballs looking in his direction. That’s when the man looked up and locked eyes with a little boy sitting in the seat next to him.


The man continues to play his game and tend to his phone, not knowing that a stranger in front of him is recording the entire scene. After a few stops and still feeling the young boys eyes glued to his phone he suddenly gets an idea. He disconnects his earplugs and then hands his phone over to the little boy. The boy eagerly takes it and dives right into a game as the man casually looks up as though he didn’t do anything special. But he had no idea that an onlooker in front of him had recorded the entire scene and was going to post it on social media. Days after the ride, the video went viral and it’s clear to see why the footage is heartwarming to see. Now everyone is praising the man for his act of kindness towards the little boy. Watch the scene for yourself in the video below.