Stepfather charged with murder after beating 16-month-old baby


This is the heartbreaking story of Addison Weast, a sweet girl of 16 months who suffered from the hands of her cruel stepfather Cody Geddings.

Some ten years ago, Addison’s mother left her daughter with her husband Cody, the little girl’s stepfather. Sadly, no one knew that this man would turn violent against the pure soul he was supposed to care for.

On that night of March 31, Cody called an ambulance and reported the baby fell from her crib. When she was taken to the hospital, Addison was so badly injured that none of the doctors could say whether she would survive or not. The injuries were severe and it didn’t look like they could be from a fall. Instead, the girl’s situation spoke that she was beaten and abused.

Sadly, Addison didn’t make it and died just 2 days after she was admitted to the hospital. Cody was convicted and charged for killing her. It was reported how he was violent in the past and this wasn’t the first time for him to abuse the little girl.

Addison’s heartbroken mother divorced the monster who killed her daughter and couldn’t believe how she failed to notice he was a lunatic.

This sad story is a reminder that we should be extra cautious when we trust our children with others, no matter if they are complete strangers or members of the family.

Rest in peace sweet Addison.

The video below is a tribute to the short life of the little girl who brought happiness to many but left this world too soon.