Ill-treatment and abuse of 94-year-old lady at a nursing home caught on camera

Many say the punishment for abusing the lady didn't fit the crime.


There’s no better place for the elderly people rather than home. Sadly, when they reach certain age and can no longer take care of themselves, many families decide to place them at nursing homes.

These facilities should provide the elderly with care and make their days there the best possible. But is that always the case? Unfortunately, there are a lot of instances where the nurses and the rest of employees treat the elderly with disrespect.

The family of a lady named Paniben Shah noticed how their mother’s health deteriorated after she was placed at Meera House, a facility home in England. They were suspicious that the staff didn’t treat her the way they were supposed to, and in order to make sure nothing bad was going on, they put a hidden camera on one of the photo frames in Paniben’s room.


What was caught on tape left the family outraged, devastated, and heartbroken. Three of the nurses at the facility were abusing Paniben. They were very violent against her. In one occasion, they poured boiling water on the vulnerable and fragile lady and forced her to eat met although they were perfectly aware she was a vegetarian. On top of that, they called her names and made fun of her.

After the gruesome footage saw the light of the day, the three nurses, Anita Kc Thapa, Anita Bc, and Heena Parekh, were jailed for six, five, and four months, respectively. They all pleaded guilty to ill-treatment of an elderly lady. We hope that they will never ever be allowed to work with people again.

The incident took place in 2017. You can take a look at the actual video of the abuse below.