Security Camera Captures Hilarious UPS Driver As He Finds A Gift On Doorstep!


All through the year and in all weathers, hot, cold, in rain or snow, even in ice, that UPS guy keeps coming round, he never fails to show up!

Living in a rural area, like being in the countryside means that he has to drive down a long driveway then has to deal with a large but friendly dog and carry heavy packages across the yard and the porch to the front door.

When he comes out the owner greets him and thanks him, but he always has a smile and kind words to say and a lovely treat for the dog too!

He always carefully turns the truck around so no to tear up the grass in the front yard and he hardly ever delivers a damaged package!

Online shopping and relying on delivery by courier are really getting more and more popular, hence UPS and other delivery drivers are more and more important to us all in our day to day lives.

They deliver us many and varied things like groceries and prescription medicines, housewares, and if you live quite far from a city then life without them would be considerably more difficult all around.

Leading up to the holidays it is common to see the UPS guy delivering packages up to 9 PM in the night, in fact, weeks before the Christmas. Its cold and dark outside when it gets to that time, but the UPS guy still shows up!

This guy deserves more than the small gift he received, but the thought was priceless!

This video shows his awesome reaction to the gift he finds on the porch waiting ready for when he makes his delivery!

The security camera captured him finding the gift — and his hilarious reaction to it: