Lay In Hospital Bed, 97 Years Old, Sings ‘How Great Thou Art’ One Last Time.


A powerful hymn is “How Great Thou Art”, but it’s not only powerful as it is an awesome hymn to capture a glimpse of Gods glory, which is a challenging thing to do!

It’s such a classic hymn and it probably comes as close as anything humanly possible to giving a sense of the greatness and omnipotence of God. It hardly ever fails to bring tears to the eyes as I sing the words.

I really didn’t think that is was actually achievable for the hymn to be even more emotive and deeply meaningful until I saw Robert Earl, Bob for short, singing the very sale, but on a different level!

It really is two different things to sing about the greatness of God when life seems really great, but to still sing those famous words, how great thou art, from your hospital bed as your close to death, that is both strength and faith!

Melissa Walter’s Moss put the video of her husband, 97-year-old Grandpa who was belting out the truly wonderful song, one evening on a Thursday at the Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital. He was surrounded by all his friends and family, and I’m not ashamed to admit I shed more than a tear as I watched the video!

Faith and happiness are clear forces in Walters’ voice, just like the conviction he had for every single word that left his lips as he sang that song!

From his daughter it was announced, an update, that her Grandpa, much loved had sadly passed away in the early morning on Friday, Jan 12th after that beautiful song he sang that evening, almost like he knew he was being called to Heaven after it.

Moss wrote:

“I captured the sweetest moment when they were singing a hymn together, just listen to his sweet voice praising Jesus.”

“This morning my precious grandpa got to meet Jesus face to face as he peacefully went home to be with Him, uncle Rick by his side”

“How Great Thou Art” was the last song he sang and I certainly hope that before I pass away I could live up to Walter’s conviction and faith, what an amazing guy right up until the end!

Walters video of him singing the hymn in the hospital bed was shared on the Facebook page “Love What Matters” and as a result man other people also shared memories of singing this wonderful hymn with loved ones in all sorts of situations.

One other person shared that her family also sang the hymn around her Grandpa’s bed in a hospital just before he passed too.

She said in a comment:

“Oh, wow…this is what we sang around my grandpa’s hospital bed …My oldest daughter was 4 years old (now 8 yrs old) and she still calls it -great grandpa’s song-”

“This is why we should still sing hymns at church…they connect generations together”

During life certainly, but even during death, Walters left a real impression on not just his family and friends but, I think, to God too, before he met him in heaven, our thoughts and prayers go to the family and friends to stay strong and keep their faith during these difficult times.

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