8 Year Old Daughter Home Early From School, Sensed Something, Mom Fell To Floor!


A hole in the heart doesn’t so much describe metaphorically a heartbreak in life, but it does refer to an actual real hole in the heart, Christie Cunningham, 35, had exactly this condition, she was unaware of it…

Her daughter was not feeling well at school either and this too played a role in the events of the day.

It was September and all these events seemed to play a role in what was about to happened that day. Her daughter, Kailey George, 8, was at Vision Charter School, she felt a little ill, it was her coming home that saved the day and more!

Christie made the decision that she would try to leave work early to pick up her daughter early from school, but when they arrived home, it wasn’t Kailey that needed care, it was her mom!

Christie’s back began to hurt, she really didn’t feel well at all…

Christie got a foam roller, she used it to ease her back pain, she stumbled to the ground. Her daughter approached her mother, she sensed there was something serious going on with her mom.

She noticed that her mom’s mouth was drooping in a strange way and that she was talking in a weird way, she knew she had to do something quickly.

Her mom is a nurse and she just thought that she needed to hydrate, drink a little water, her daughter asked her something really important!

It was when her mom couldn’t use her arm properly to drink the water…

She asked her mom:

“Are you playing tricks?”

Christie wasn’t aware of the severity of what she was experiencing, but, in fact, she was experiencing a stroke and her arm was paralyzed.

It was, of course, the hole in her heart that was the root of the problem!

A blood clot had moved through the hole in her heart and it had found its way around her body and ended up in her brain and cause the stroke.

She really wasn’t aware of the seriousness of her situation even though her daughter was, her mom didn’t want her to ring 911, she thought it wasn’t that bad, but Kailey knew she needed to take action.

She called her dad and told him what was happening to mom!

Her dad called 911 straight away after hearing Christie trying to speak, fortunately, she survived the stroke, but it could have been a lot worse had it happened and her daughter was not there to call for help.

The hole in her heart was repaired during a surgical procedure, before the surgery she had to take blood thinners, but afterward, she will take some baby aspirin, for the remainder of her life.

An award was presented to Kailey in front of classmates, police offices and paramedics!

This wonderful little girl was just in the right place at the right time, like she sensed that she needed to be there to help, or maybe God had a hand to play?

Every single event that day contributed to the positive outcome for her mom, every little detail, and it all payed off and she came out of the experience alive, the more time your left untreated with a stroke the more of yourself you loose!

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