Rottweiler refuses to take his meds so he plays dead to get out of it

Too funny!


Little kids throwing tantrums for no apparent reason and refusing to take their medications when they are sick is something we stumble upon more often than we would like to. Now imagine having to cope with a pup when it comes to handling a similar situation. 

Brutus is a sweet dog who unfortunately has to take lots of meds because of his condition. He suffers from arthritis and without the pills the doctors prescribed him he would be in more pain. The thing is that he simply hates them and his owner has hard time making him swallow all those pills.  

Source: Daily Mail

Brutus’ owner has tried everything he could think of to get the puppy take his medicines. The first thing that came to his mind was to reward him for being a good boy but most of the time it’s all in vain. 

“Bud, every time you take your meds we go outside and play,

the owner would coax the dog into consuming the tiny discs.

Even if the dog’s owner somehow manages to make Brutus open his mouth, the hardest part is to make him swallow the pills he would otherwise just keep on his tongue trying to spit them. 

Source: Daily Mail

Brutus, however, isn’t only sweet and adorable, but very smart too. He had found an incredible way of getting out of this tricky situation. How, you ask? Using his amazing acting skills, and playing dead. 

“He just puts them in his mouth and he won’t eat them,” Brutus’s owner explained into the camera. “If I put it in a piece of food, he’ll chew it up and spit it out – he knows. I’ve never seen him do this, though.”

Source: Daily Mail

This is yet another of his tactics. 

“He’ll stick them in between his teeth and then kind of tilt his head back,” the owner shared. “Most of the time he’ll just eventually swallow them on accident.”

His owner knows how much Brutus hates the pills, but he’s also aware how he has to take them if he doesn’t want his condition to worsen. When he was just a pup, Brutus was taken from the breeder where he suffered an injury. This left him unable to walk, but his life turned for the better after he met his current owner. 

According to USA Today, his new family did everything in their power to ease Brutus’ life. They even raised the money for a corrective surgery on his paws which enabled him to walk again. Besides his struggles and unwillingness to swallow all those pills, he is one really happy dog. 

Source: Daily Mail

Brutus’ life and the ordeal he had to go through serve as an example and an inspiration that we should never ever quit trying. He went a long way. Way to go pup.