Dad sends baby girl a special bear one month into deployment

Wait until you see what she does - thankfully Mommy had the camera rolling for this.


Nothing ever beats father-daughter relationship. Dads would always go an extra mile for their little princesses they love to the moon and back, and the girls would always look to their fathers for guidance. 

Drew is a part of the military and a loving father of adorable Pia. When he was told he was going to be deployed and away from home for long eight months, he knew his sweet daughter would miss him a lot, and that made him sad. So, this amazing father came up with an awesome idea. He made for Pia a teddy bear with a special voice recording inside. He knew the toy would come as comfort in the days to come. Drew asked his wife to give their daughter the gift one month after he leaves home. 


When the time for the present to be handed to Pia came, her mom was overly excited and couldn’t wait for her daughter’s reaction. When she saw the bear, Pia felt really happy, but the real surprise was revealed once she got to press the bear’s paw. Out of the blue, this sweet little girl could hear her father’s voice saying, “Hi, P. I love you. I’ll see you soon.” She started screaming “Daddy! Daddy!” and we all agree that her reaction is the sweetest ever. 


Drew and his wife Kelly are expecting another baby girl. She is due to give birth four months prior her husband’s arrival home. It’s sad he would miss the bundle of joy’s birth, but we are certain the baby girl would be lucky to have a loving father like Drew. However, until that moment comes, Pia is his most important girl in the whole world. 

Take a look at the moment Pia listens to her father saying “I love you” and her reaction to that.