Seattle woman dies from rare amoeba after using neti pot

During surgery, doctors realized they were simply removing dead brain tissue.


Back in 2018, a woman from Seattle who was thought to have a brain tumor was admitted to hospital. The doctors believed it was for the best if she undergoes a surgery. However, during the operation, the medical staff realized they were actually removing dead brain tissue. 

What caused this condition, which later led to the 69-year-old woman’s passing, left doctors overwhelmed. They are now warning others to take extra precautions. 

They are convinced how the woman had been infected by a deadly amoeba that lives in warm soil and water and gradually kills brain cells. If you wonder how she contracted it, the answer is through her neti pot. It was later reported how she used it to help it with her sinuses for more than a year. The type of water she used to fill the neti pot, which was likely tap water, led to her contracting the dangerous amoeba.

Although this is something very rare, it does happens, like in this woman’s case. 

Take a look at the video below and be very cautious when using a  neti pot. 

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Footage provided by KCPQ Seattle