Restaurant owner who received daeth threats over anti-Brexit message on receipts won’t remove them

‘I believe love will win over hate’


Following the referendum about UK separating from the European Union, the Brexit has divided the British into remain-supporters and leave-voters. And now with the Prime minister Teresa May’s party’s Brexit deal being turned down by the majority of the parliament members, the country has fallen into deeper political uncertainty.

Unfortunately, this led to the country’s citizens getting into arguments defending their views of why it’s better to remain part of the Union, and why should the country leave. 

A Londoner who is a restaurant owner decided to share his political views in an unusual way, by writing them down on the place’s receipts. The message he wants to send his customers is that the Brexit is not a great idea, and he even elaborates his reasons. 

The message says:

“Brexit is bad. Immigrants make Britain great. They also cooked and served your food today.”

However, Ibrahim Dogus claims that ever since he opted to express himself regarding the political situation this way, he and the Westminster Kitchen’s staff are getting death threats by those opposing his beliefs. 

Dogus tells The Independent:

“We have been targeted by far right groups who are organised on social media and [it seems like they have been] encouraging each other to attack our business by leaving fake reviews on TripAdvisor, Google Business, and Facebook.”

This owner, whatsoever, is not planning on removing the message despite the phone calls he’s getting.

“The message will stay on the bills until 1 February and then we will replace [it] with a different message,” he says.

“I believe love will win over hate and those who are trying to disguise their racism as political activism are once again caught out.”

Restaurant owner Ibrahim Dogus took a photograph of the anti-Brexit message printed on a receipt at Westminster Kitchen (Ibrahim Dogus)


The problem is, as he states, that no matter that he’s not afraid, his employees “have been worried about threats of violence and abuse.”

“It has been a horrible few days and our staff feel worried about what’s happening.”

Dogus also accuses people for leaving negative comments on his restaurant’s site. 

“Why are they bringing politics into their food business?” one wrote.

“I do hope that 52 per cent of their customers decide to no longer give them their business,” he added,

which is the percentage of UK voters who voted to leave the European Union.

Fearing for his staff’s safety, this owner contacted the police and reported those threatening them. He hopes they’ll make sure everyone stays safe. 

“Our manager, Maliq Konjuhi, said that he is worried that someone will come and physically attack our premises,” he adds.

Do you believe Dogus choose the right way to express his thoughts on the matter, or he should have kept his business out of politics? What is your opinion?