Relieve back pain and sciatica with only a tennis ball and these simple exercises

This is perfect for anyone who suffers from back pain!


Back pain is definitely the most common among the people. People of different age suffer from back pain. The researchers say 8 out of 10 Americans have some problems with the back.

Tightly connected to the back pain is the sciatica. It is caused by problems with the sciatic nerve. This nerve starts from the lower part of the back and goes into both legs.

Lower level of physical activity and obesity are the major causes for the back pain, the experts say.

The pain is really bad. When the problems with the back do occur, we usually take some pills or some stronger drugs. However, the doctors and people who deal with healthy living style suggest other possibilities.

Sometimes a simple tool or exercise can be quite useful in dealing with such problems. 

Another proven method of easing the pain is cooling the affected part of the body. In addition to that, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments are also useful.

Moreover, expert say that yoga exercises are also very beneficial for back pain sufferers.

The video below shows some common exercises that may help you in such situations.

As we all know, unless the pain goes away by itself, it is there to make us uncomfortable. Luckily, there is this exercise with a tennis ball that can make you feel better.

The exercise starts with putting the tennis ball in the affected area. Then, start putting pressure on the tennis ball. Therefore, the muscle tension is relieved.

According to the Healthy.Shared, in case of sciatica, the ball targets the piriformis muscle which is near the sciatic nerve itself.

At the beginning, the pain is intense, so you shouldn’t worry too much. That’s a good sign to continue with the exercise. Apply pressure and endure the exercise.

Pressure on the spot should be applied for 30 or 60 seconds. Then move to another spot. The whole exercise is from 5 to 10 minutes.

The expert in this video demonstrates this exercise for you.

Experts also advise to be aware of your posture and don’t sit for longer than an hour.

Please share this very important advice with your friends and family, they’ll thank you for it.