Punk driver slams snowman with truck, Poetic justice when he learns it’s built on huge stump

'What they didn’t count on, is the massive stump in the center. Life is hard, but it’s much harder when you’re stupid.'


What’s better than a snowy winter and some chilly weather that allows us to get out and feel young again by breathing the fresh air while our ears and noses become red from the cold. This definitely brings us to the period when we were kids and lived for the joy of snowball fighting and building a snowman, the true representative of this amazing season. 

Cody Lutz, his fiancée, and his fiancée’s sister decided to have some outdoor fun and came up with the idea of making their yard more appealing, by placing the figure of the biggest snowman they could ever built. 

As soon as they started rolling the bunch of snowflakes that have already covered the whole place, they though that it would be nice if they use the old tree stump as a foundation and cover it with lots of snow in the form of a big ball. This way the snowman would be firmer and hopefully last longer. But they never though that the photo of their creation will reach to so many people for reasons you don’t assume. 

It turned out that some random person who drove past the snowman though it would be nice if they destroyed it. Yes, you’ve heard that right, and if you wonder why someone would feel the urge to knock down such a lovely handiwork, we don’t have the answer. It might be because some people are like that, hating everything that is beautiful.  

“I went to work on Monday and I came home to this Monday night which is (sic) the irony is pretty funny,” Lutz said.

Poetic justice — instant retaliation: The snowman made clear no one should mess with him. 

“This is Petersburg for you,” Lutz posted on Facebook after realizing what had transpired in the front yard. “What they didn’t count on, is the massive stump in the center. Life is hard, but it’s much harder when you’re stupid.”

The person with the truck hit the snowman, trying to crush it down, but ended up hitting the stump. Although we have no idea who the doer of this evil deed is, I guess we can make assumptions by looking at the neighborhood’s vehicles. 

“I think he got the last laugh for sure,” said Lutz, referring to the snowman.

“I accidentally said ‘karma’,” he explained, “since that’s kind of an internet colloquialism for ‘payback,’ but I’m glad Karma doesn’t actually exist. I’m glad that my sins in this life have been forgiven by the blood of Jesus on the cross. Im (sic) glad that through God’s Grace I am free from the guilt of sin in this life and the next! 😊”

No matter what you call it or if you believe in karma or not, this video brings so much laughter and satisfaction because the person got exactly what they deserved.