4 Abused siblings were about to be split up – Judge’s tears flow when couple adopts all of them

These four siblings were put up for adoption and only had one wish: to stay together.


Stories of kids who are not treated by their parents with the love and respect they deserve always sadden our hearts. Although the story of the four siblings Alisia, Bradley, Cody, and Emma started as such, the four of them eventually got their happy ending. 

These kids’ biological parents were abusers of illegal substances and as a result they neglected their children who were now taken away from them and given for adoption. 

The Kansas brothers and sisters were pretty much aware that the chances of the four of them ending up with the same family were equal to none, and that was something they couldn’t cope with.

Source: Kansas City Star


Splitting them up would be heartbreaking for these siblings that only had each other.

They dreamed of continuing living under the same roof and didn’t want to leave each other’s side. The most likely scenario that was going through their mind was that the girls could end up in one family whereas the boys could end up with another. But this wasn’t certain either. 

Source: Kansas City Star


But as luck would have it, a loving couple crossed the children’s path and made an impact on their lives. 

A couple from Gardner who have recently gotten their licence to become foster parents came across the story of the siblings and somehow felt that it was a sign from God and that they had to step in and do their best to help. Eric and Phyllis Watson were aware that the children wanted to stay together. 

Source: Kansas City Star

“We were thinking one foster child at a time. Maybe two? We weren’t thinking four at once,” Eric recalls.

“The turning point for me was they were going to be split up and I didn’t want to see that.”

“And when he woke up, he said, ‘We’re gonna take the kids,’” Phyllis told. “Eric had thought things over, and couldn’t imagine separating the siblings.”

Eric and Phyllis were a bit hesitant about welcoming four kids all at once, because both of them have full-time jobs and wondered if they would have enough time to devote to each of them. 

Source: Kansas City Star

But, no matter what it took to take care of four children who came into their life all at once, the Watsons were willing to accept. They were now certain they wanted to adopt 17-year-old Alisia, 16 and 15-year-old Bradley and Cody, and the youngest, 11-year-old Emma.

The only thing that stood between the Watson family and their new kids was the official court hearing that would finalize the adoption. 

“Do feel you’ve developed a mother-child relationship? Have you the financial capacity to provide a proper home? Do you understand there are no give-backs here?” the judge asked the new parents, after which they replied with “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Source: Kansas City Star

The new parents were looking forward to the new life and they quickly got used to the big family. Although it meant buying a bigger house and a bigger car, it also meant more love and endless happiness. 

The kids’ original grandmother, Susan Bustamente told everyine how the oldest of the siblings, Alicia had always played the role of a mother in the family. 

“She’s been a mother to those kids since she was three years old,’” their grandmother said. “They’ve had a hard life but they’re strong,” she added.

Source: Kansas City Star

This was the best day in the life of the lovely siblings. They are all nice and well-behaved kids who are beyond grateful to their new parents for not allowing them to be split up. 

Source: Kansas City Star

District Judge Kathleen Sloan, was brought to tears.

“Welcome to the very best hearing that I get to have in this courtroom,” the judge said at the adoption hearing. “The very best hearing that any judge gets to have in this entire courthouse, the very best hearing that any judge gets to have in the entire state of Kansas, the very best hearing that any judge gets to have in the entire United States of America.”

Source: Kansas City Star

“There is nothing better than an adoption; in part because you all came in here happy and I get to let you leave happier.”

This definitely deserved the praise of everyone in the court room and the judge knew that best. Once the process was finalized, the new, “improved” family got applause in sign of support and a good luck. 

“It’s not what I had planned, but it’s so much better,” Phyllis concluded. “I love them like they are my own.”

Source: Kansas City Star

This is indeed an amazing story that speaks of the ups and downs life puts on our way. Luckily, these brave siblings got a chance for a better life.