Police asks the public to help them identify women accused of stealing 75-year-old’s wallet

After they stole the elderly lady's wallet, they spent $5,000 on electronics and gift cards using her credit card. Please spread the word and help the authorities track them down.


Police in St. Petersburg, Florida released a photo of two women leaving Target after they stole the wallet of a 75-year-old lady. Based on their facial expressions and the huge smiles on their faces, the two thieves don’t seem to feel any regret because of their insidious act that outraged many. 

It was reported that the women entered another store and purchased electronics and gift cards worth $5,000 using the elderly lady’s credit card. 

Authorities are asking from the public to come forward with any information of who these thieves might be. 

The incident took place in November 15. 

Along with the plea, the police shared a photo of the vehicle the two women used to drive themselves off after stealing and spending the money. 

In case you recognize them, please contact the police department at 727-893-7780.

Please share this with your family and friends. If more people see it, the chances of tracking down these criminals are higher.

We hope they will be identified and get what they deserve.