Boy with Down syndrome comforts classmate with autism in loving video that has gone viral

These two boys are an example to be followed ❤️


Kids are innocent and caring, and it looks like that as we grow older, we somehow lose these valuable traits. But the little ones remind us that we should always be there for those in need of a helping hand and words of consolations. 

A video of a boy with Down Syndrome comforting his friend with autism has melted the hearts of millions of people who got to see it. It quickly spread all over the social media and many say how we should all look up to these caring friends. 

One of the boys was crying uncontrollably, and the other one approached closer and offered his hug. He also wiped his friend’s tears away. The teacher who witnessed this heartwarming scene captured it and shared it with the rest of the world. 

It looks like the healing power of the boy’s hug did magic as the autistic boy calmed down in a matter of minutes. 

If only all of us were so compassionate this world would be a much better place, with less tears and more smiling faces.