Ballroom Dance Group Performs Stunning Dance Medley To 90’s Musical Hits

These dancers offered a truly incredible show!


This ballroom dance routine by the DUET Perm from Russia has to be one of the most mesmerizing you’ve ever seen.

The precision, the stunning choreography, and the undeniable energy brought to the dance floor left millions in awe.

Unlike anything we’ve stumbled upon so far, this group offered something truly unique starting from the choice of music. They opted for some of the greatest hits of the 90s and opened the show with Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice, Baby,” danced through MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” and Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” and ended the show with Fun’s “We Are Young.”

The crowd couldn’t contain their excitement as the dance group seemed to fly over the dance floor in perfect harmony and showed impressive moves of samba, tango, waltz, jive and rumba. That is why many viewers were left disappointed because these dancers didn’t end up winning the competition. 

This performance is definitely something you don’t want to miss. If it cheers you up, share it with your friends. Enjoy!