Disabled 4-year-old Boy Left With Severe Facial Injuries While At Daycare

The boy suffered nasty injuries but his teacher didn't think the incident was serious enough to alert the parents right after it took place.


Our hearts breaks into a million pieces whenever we come across stories of children getting injured while at school or kindergarten.

When we leave them there, we expect from their teachers and caretakers to pay close attention to their every move, especially when very young children are in question.

A mom from New Zealand, Milly Tusa, shared on the social media disturbing photos of her 4-year-old disabled son who sustained severe injuries while at the kindergarten. What’s most, his teachers didn’t think the incident was serious enough to alert the parents after it took place. 

Sweet Masua Tusa who has cerebral palsy and experiences speech problems was terrified by the fall from the stairs while in his wheelchair. 

“Is this what you would want to expect when picking up your child from kindergarten, leaving your child in the hands of the people you believe they will look after them?”


According to his mom, Manua’s injuries included “deep grazes where large patches of skin have been scraped from his nose, forehead and cheek.” 

As for now, the work of the Manurewa West Kindergarten where Manua went is being investigated by the police and the Ministry of Education.

Speaking of the day of the incident Ms Tusa told Checkpoint that “she only heard her son was injured when she went to collect him as usual and was told by staff he’d tumbled down some stairs while strapped in his wheelchair.”

The parents were left outraged because none of the teachers took the time to call them and tell them about the fall right after it happened. They learned of it when they went to collect their son. 

According to the staff at the kindergarten, the boy didn’t seem to be injured a great deal so they didn’t want to make a big thing out of it which made his parents even more angry. 

“It was skin burns, raw burns on his face from the top of his eyelid down. He had scratches on the top of his lips and he had scratches on his nose.”

Manua refuses to speak of the incident because he’s way too scared. 

“I’ve asked him a couple of times (about the incident) and all he says is ‘mummy, naughty teacher, mummy, naughty teacher’.”

His mom also said how he’s not coming back to the kindergarten again and is demanding answers.