A tragedy is a terrible thing, Latana Chai, a mother from California knows all about tragedy having suffered a terrible blow recently.

The most terrible and completely unexpected happened one day when she was at home with her seven-month-old baby girl Masailah.

Masailah incidentally is around about the size of the family’s pit bull, called Sasha, who is eight months old.

Approximately midnight on the June 3rd, mom very all of a sudden heard Sasha barking really loud and scratching furiously at the back door.

The dog’s barking was really loud and she was trying to tell us something important, she started to feel a rush of urgency and the panic started to set in.

She knew that there was something wrong, this was quite unlike the dog and there must be a real and urgent problem…

The dog was usually quite placid and a really great member of the family, loving, gentle, kind and playful…

Photo: YouTube

She opened up the door and saw what the dog was barking at outside, it was bellows of black smoke and flames coming out of the neighboring house. The fire spreading fast to Latana’s house too.

What this lovely doggie Sasha did about it is being hailed by everyone, especially animal lovers all around the world!

Latana, as fast as she could, ran up the stairs for Masailah, however, Sasha was already going in the same direction but much faster. Latana watched in complete amazement and shock at how the family pit bull bit he baby’s diaper and dragged her to safety.

Mom couldn’t believe her eyes, but she grabbed the baby and everyone and went outside, without their wonderful Sasha’s warning it could well have been too late, and they could have been caught in the flames.

Photo: YouTube

Sasha has been a lovely dog, and there since Masailah’s birth, it’s very clear that the two share a special bond together, very sweet!

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