A very interesting video was posted on the Internet. It involves a kitten, a police officer, and a driver. This cannot be seen everyday and is so funny.

Keith Urban, a policeman, was doing a routine traffic stop. This is a normal routine for Urban, but this time it was different. When he stopped a car, a nice and friendly cat interrupted the check.

Thanks to the dash camera of the police car we can see this rare incident. For Taylor Daily Press, Urban said:

“I think the driver of that vehicle was laughing a little bit … And the driver even offered to get out of the vehicle and remove the cat.”

As it can be seen from the video, the cat was very friendly. Urban also added that he felt sorry because be had to ‘shoot the cat away’. However, the cat came back again!

So funny. Take a look at the video.

Note: The video does not have any sound.