Marine Breaks Down in Tears Before Even Reaching Family When He Lays Eyes on Newborn Son

Grab a tissue before watching this!


Seeing your child for the first time right after they are welcomed into the world is priceless. That’s a moment every parent keeps close to the heart and cherishes forever. The military men, however, don’t always get to see their loved ones giving birth to their offspring because it happens that they are deployed exactly at the time of the due date. That’s really sad, we must say.

Marine Cpl. Brandon Crespo is one of those brave men who missed the birth of his son because he was serving in another country. According to Little Things, the sweet baby was born on June 13, 2018 and the proud father could only listen to the baby’s tiny voice but didn’t get the chance to be there by his wife’s side.

But now, after six months spent away from his family, this father would finally meet baby Noah. He was beyond excited to hold him in his hands and kiss him.

The cute and very emotional video of the father-son first ever encounter was shared online and on Ellen DeGeneres’ site too. It was quickly spreaded around and people agree how it was one of the best family reunions they’ve ever seen. Ellen thought so too and invited them to be her guests on the show.

“It was definitely hard…” Francis shared, explaining that sometimes they only talked once a month while Brandon was on the ship. “Having to go through pregnancy all by myself, it was definitely difficult…”

Our favorite host was as kind and as generous as always and together with Shutterfly they gave the family $20,000. They would use the money to go on the honeymoon they never had.

“When we first posted the video it was just for family members,” Francis told Ellen.

“We’re just regular people,” she added.

Brandon starts crying even before he reaches his loving wife and his newborn son, and we can’t hold our tears back as we are flooded with emotions. This is all so touching.