Baby Saved By Strangers

I can't imagine what could have happened if the young lady wouldn't step in!


A day-old infant, Victoria, was taken from her parents by a woman that appeared to be a nurse, claiming that the baby needed to get routine tests done. But 13 minutes later the family realizes something isn’t quite right.

On a Monday evening, the new parents cuddled their newborn baby in a Quebec hospital. A woman dressed as a nurse came into their room and said she needed to take the baby for a routine test. Just 13 minutes later, the hospital called the police about the missing child, and the picture of her from security footage was spread around. The parents also shared pictures of their little girl, asking for help. A group of people in their 20s decided to take the initiative and search around, when one of them, looking more closely at the picture of the kidnapper, realized she was an old neighbor.

They called the police and within moments the baby was rescued. The girls later said it was the best moment in their lives and they were crying. Victoria’s parents thanked everyone involved in a post on Facebook, and warned others to always ask questions despite the uniforms people might be wearing. Thank goodness this young lady was paying attention and was able to play such an important part in the speedy recovery of the kidnapped newborn.