Newborn twin babies communicate with each other an hour after delivery to make sure they are okay

It's incredible how in tune they are with each other already.


A lot has been said of the unique and sometimes complex bond between twins. The fact that they share a womb together and get to spend time around one another even before they are welcomed into the world makes their relationship special.

“Whether or not your babies come home together or separately, the relationship between them will shape their lives right from the start. They are individuals who are born as members of a team. They will grow up with a strong relationship to the other members of their team,” Twin Magazine writes.

Source: YouTube Screenshot-Mike Lasky

“Their relationship bond brings with it life-enhancing possibilities which are seldom enjoyed by single-born children. Soon they will begin to light up with joy at the sight of each other. Their daily companionship during early childhood lays the foundation for lifelong comraderie.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot-Mike Lasky

One proud father named Mike Lasky shared an adorable video of his two babies whom he named Baby A and Baby B watching over one another just an hour after they were born. The little ones turn their heard towards their sibling making sure that they are there and that they are fine.

Source: YouTube Screenshot-Mike Lasky

Although it only lasts for around 20 seconds, the video captured the attention of over 14 million people. A lot of people were eager to share their own stories about twins they know of and tell how exceptional that bond really is.

Some argued that twins use special language they use to communicate, something known as cryptophasia.

Source: YouTube Screenshot-Mike Lasky

One thing is certain, the video of Baby A and Baby B will melt your heart. Check it out below.