Newborn baby refuses to eat, days later family discovers the horrifying truth

Newborn baby refuses to eat, days later mom discovers the sad truth.


Welcoming a new addition to the family is a blessing. Mom and dads out there put a lot of effort to prepare everything in advance, so when the bundle of joy arrives, they use their time looking after the little one.

Bathany Taylor and her husband Kendall were no exception. They were both eagerly waiting their daughter to be born, and when that moment finally arrived, they were overjoyed.

Baby Jane was born perfectly healthy and they were quickly discharged from the hospital. However, once home, sweet Jane refused to nurse and the parents knew something was wrong so they took her to the emergency room. Doctors weren’t able to detect anything wrong, so the family was sent home.

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When they arrived home, they all experienced severe headaches, and that’s when they started suspecting on gas poisoning.

After they returned to the hospital again, Jane was indeed diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a leaking gas heater in the apartment.

“I couldn’t believe this was happening to my new, brand new little baby and I was so worried about what was going to happen with her,” the mom told Faith Tap.

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The baby, along with her mom, was immediately place in a hyperbaric chamber for treatment.

“She was just like a baby again. She cried, she responded to her mom. She was very hungry when she came out of the chamber,” Dr James Stewart shared.

Bathany and Kendall then asked from the state to change the law regarding carbon monoxide detectors and asked from every landlord to install one in their house or apartment.

Luckily, this family didn’t suffer any serious consequences because they react quickly and everything turned out just fine.

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