Kate Middleton’s concerning 4-word warning to William before coronation revealed by lip reader

The Princess of Wales made sure her husband knew what was at stake.


The coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, which took place on May 6, 2023, is still a much discussed topic.

A lot of effort had been put for the entire event to be impeccable, and the truth is that it indeed was a mesmerizing ceremony which went smoothly as planned to the delight of the millions of Britons who turned in to watch history being made.

King Charles and Queen Camilla left Buckingham Palace in the legendary Gold State Coach which was constructed in 1762 and was used for the first time by King George III to travel to the State Opening of Parliament the same year. It has been used at every coronation since King William IV’s coronation in 1831.

At the coronation, Charles and Camilla arrived five minutes earlier and had to wait for William and Kate inside the carriage.

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As per royal biographer Omid Scobie, the delay concerned William and Kate’s children.

“The room for error was nil. And thankfully, due to the weeks of rehearsals that the royals took part in ahead of the coronation, the day went ahead smoothly,” Scobie wrote in Harper’s Bazaar.

“In fact, apart from Prince William and Princess Kate joining the procession late (children were to blame, a source tells me), and Camilla’s ladies in attendance – sister Annabel Elliot, and queen’s companion the Marchioness of Lansdowne – accidentally creating an unfortunate wedgie moment out of her silk Bruce Oldfield dress on the way into the Abbey, very few hitches took place.”

When the Prince and Princess of Wales arrived at the Abbey, all eyes were on them.

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While William wore the ceremonial dress uniform of the Welsh guards, his stunning wife was dressed in an official robe that she wore over an Alexander McQueen ivory silk dress decorated with silver bullion embroidered roses, thistles, daffodils, and shamrock motifs, intended to symbolize the different nations of the United Kingdom, CNN reported.

As the two were getting ready to enter the Abbey, the cameras caught the pair talking. According to lip-reader Jeremy Freeman, who spoke exclusively to the Daily Star, Kate told William to “just mind the gown,” to what he replied: “Don’t worry I got [or caught] it.”

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The couple’s children were also in attendance, with their oldest son, Prince George, serving as a Page of Honor.

Performing this significant role, George was about to wear unique clothing with a significant meaning. He, however, decided to approach his grandfather prior to the coronation and ask from him to change the centuries-old uniform usually worn by the Pages of Honor. The reason why is quite sad to be honest. George didn’t want to be teased by his classmates.

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“George, one of four pages assisting the monarch, voiced his concerns about having to wear white knee breeches,” the Mail reported. Also, he wasn’t fond of wearing tights because of possible “ribaldry at school.”

The King agreed. And this didn’t come as a surprise because as much as he respects tradition, Charles also wants to modernize the monarchy, as well as slim it down.

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As of the youngest Prince in attendance, Prince Louis, it has been reported that he was his mother’s “biggest worry” for the historic day.

Body language expert Adrianne Carter, who is known as the “Face Whisperer,” spoke to the Daily Star and revealed the Princess of Wales looked at her youngest son ‘nervously’ as she was trying to warn him ‘to be on his best behavior.’

“Louis is starting to fidget,” Carter commented. “We see Kate have a chat with him, looks like she’s explaining what’s going on. Charlotte also showed a bit of restlessness too but as she’s older she’s able to contain it better.”

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Further, the expert revealed that Kate used tricks to keep her children in line.

“Kate could be seen keeping a very subtle eye on Louis during the ceremony and offering him motivational ‘reward’ touches of affection when he did something right.

“Louis and Charlotte’s signals of total absorption and determination with the archery was exactly how William and Kate throw themselves into anything sporty or competitive during their royal appearances.”

Before the coronation took place, the royals attended rehearsals because they wanted to make sure nothing would go wrong on the day Britain hadn’t witnessed since late Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, which took place some 70 years ago.

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