Mother and Son Do Dance Perfectly Together

I didn’t want this to end - they are fantastic.


Mike Song loves to dance. He does so in his free time, while teaching his students and even at home with Mom and Dad. So when Mike’s mother mustered up the courage to ask for a little help, he was quick to agree. He wasn’t sure how fast she’d pick up the moves to “Gangnam Style” but was eager to spend a little extra time with her. Turns out, Mom can learn to boogie very quick! She may be 60 years old, but the woman has natural talent. This adorable mother-son duo looks like professionals dancing to this fun song. How impressive!


Even though it can be easy for the elderly to hide away in their homes and avoid physical activity, The Your Care Everywhere website explains that dancing has a wide variety of benefits for those who are getting a little older. Dancing’s physical benefits are evident and plentiful – moving around for even a few minutes each day can help you build and tone muscle tissue, keep your core fit and your heart beating healthily. While the physical plusses are great, the mental benefit of dancing is equally as important. A solely sedentary lifestyle is one thing that can make getting older that much more difficult – and dancing is an easy solution to boredom, loneliness and being out of shape. Those are some of the reasons why Mom is so excited to swing with her son.


After hours of practicing, Mike and Mom are ready to show the world their impressive skills. Mom flows alongside her son, and he does his best to keep up with her! Take a peek at their impressive “Gangnam Style” dance routine for yourself below. It’s clear to see these two make excellent dancing partners. Hopefully, Mom and Mike release more videos in the future!