Mom Of Four Scalped In Seconds, Warning To All Women…


Most of us, before we go to a mechanic have a try at resolving our own problems, and don’t immediately seek professional help. This mom of four children thought that she might be able to save a few bucks and do exactly that, by herself.

She popped the hood of her car, turned in the engine and revved it up, she didn’t realize that one simple and small mistake would change her life forever, what a shock!


Alon is now telling everyone about what happened to her, and to warn others too, to be careful and to the small details that could be overlooked all too easily. A lesson to take to heart, and remember well…

Alon realized that her car was having problems, that’s when it all started really, she didn’t have any money to pay out on the car, the expense of a mechanic was too much, so she popped the hood and stuck her head under…

As she looked under the hood she was trying to look for obvious problems, to see where she could find a problem, but quite the contrary not only was she unsuccessful, but her life was in danger!


Her head was pulled down, in the blink of an eye, she was in devastating severe pain, with no idea what had just happened to her, she just knew it was bad, she had never felt pain like it ever before.

Her kids, fortunately, heard her cries for help and came to her rescue. If it wasn’t for their fast actions then there was a good chance that she could have died that day.

She was rushed to the hospital, they said that her mistake nearly cost her life, she didn’t even think about it before she stuck her head under the hood though.


Such a simple thing, she is warning other women not to make the same mistake, before it’s too late, Alton has to endure many surgeries and transplants to bring her back to something resembling how she was before!

This tiny, but a significant mistake had cost thousands in medical bills, and nearly left her kids without a mom, and once she was freed from the car it needed even more work than before.

Watch the video below to learn about her terrible mistake and make sure you and anyone you know doesn’t make the same mistake too:


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