Doctor Delivers Baby, But Then Shocks Mom With What He Does Next!


This Mom discovers she is going to be a mom, the newt important thing she must do is to find a doctor to deliver her sweet baby. We can only pray she makes a great choice, seeing as its especially the case that the person she picks will really be her confident and almost intimate partner in her next nine months of pregnancy!

It’s most common that the mom won’t really know if she has made a really great choice until the big day itself! A doctor at the Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC is really causing a stir with his very unusual way of delivering babies!


To be exact, it is actually what he does to those babies once they have left the warm womb of their mom and are out in the world that has everyone flabbergasted! His technique is truly amazing though!

The doctor, Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja, happens to have delivered many thousands of babies over his career. He is a very well respected doctor in his field and in the community too, but he really has pushed the boat out on his bedside manner as he does something his colleagues won’t do!


Dr. Andrew-Jaja is known as the “Singing Doctor” and he belts out a sweet little song every time he delivers a newborn. It all started when he was a resident, and an elderly mentor passed the singing tradition down to him.

Ever since then, the doctor has been expressing joy with the lovely lullabies he sings in the operating room, the doctor said that, when he’s singing to beautiful babies, he’s singing to that future person, who has such an important impression to make in the world.


This is how special the lives of the babies are to him, they are truly unique gifts of life, blessed by heaven! He is well known to sing songs like “It’s a Wonderful World” and “Happy Birthday” to the shock and to the enjoyment of all involved in the delivery suite.

This beautiful song from the doctor’s delivery room is such a wonderful event as mom looks gleefully into her babies eyes with such love, it’s a completely magical moment, his singing really rounds the moment off to perfection!


The doctor in the video below, Dr. Andrew-Jaja, will remain in the families memories forever, see what happened as he brings the lovely little baby into the world, it’s so magical and just simply amazing…

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