Amazing Ways To Reuse Your Old Teabags!


After you make a lovely mug or cup of tea, what do you do with your tea bag? Do you throw it away?

Well, no more will you need to throw away your old tea bags, there is a multitude of uses for them, from health to outside in your garden…

Tea Can Relieve Sunburn:

Have you ever been sunburned? Well, whether or not you have any after sun lotion, grab your tea bags because they contain an acid that can really calm the heat of sunburn quite quickly and effectively!

Tea Can Restore Tired Eyes:

You know that feeling of tired baggy or puffy eyes? Now you can fight the dreaded bags that are around your eyes by applying tea bags to your eyes, once they are cool of course!

The tea contains tannins that have a calming effect and can really help to rejuvenate your eyes, be sure to use tea bags that are black tea!

After you make your tea put the bags in a tightly covered jar in the fridge, they grab a nice cool bad when you need a morning fresh pick-up.

Tea Can Sooth Minor Burns:

If you are unlucky enough to burn yourself, tea can give the relief you need, the tannins in the teas bags are great for reducing inflammation caused by heat damage to the skin!

Tea Can Be Used To Rinse Your Hair:

A Tea rinse for your hair is really beneficial for your hair and scalp. Its known to also help with dandruff too, and as an added benefit will leave your hair lovely and shiny…

Boil a couple of tea bags in a pan of water, let it cool with the bags in the water, then remove the bags once its cool. Then rinse your hair well with the tea water, and dry using a dark colored towel that your not too bothered about getting tea stains on.

Tea Stops Warts In Their Tracks:

Antioxidants from green tea can help stop warts growing bigger, apply tea bags to your warts every day to keep them at bay!

Tea Can Even Freshen Up Smell Shoes:

At some point, all our shoes tend to start to smell, put a dry tea bag in your shoes, it will absorb any moisture and the horrible odor.

Tea Can help Your Plants too:

The tannins in the tea can lower pH levels of the soil, and help to feed the plants too, the lower pH helps prevent fungus growing at the base of the plant, and gives you lovely pretty blossoms in your plants.

Tea Is Great To Help CLean The Dishes:

If you have grime and dirt ground on your dishes, soak them overnight with a couple of old tea bags. it’ll be so much easier to clean that grime off them the next day.

Tea Bags Can Remove Water Marks From Mirrors:

That dirty bathroom mirror with unsightly water stains on it, use your old bags to vanish away those nasty marks, before you know it, with a tea bag wipe and a buff with a cloth, they will be sparking again!

Tea Will Remove Odors From Hands:

If your hands are smelly after chopping some garlic or onions, wash your hands using tea bags. It will help remove some of those awful odors.

Tea Will Sooth Sore Gums:

If you have sore or sensitive gums you can use tea bags in your mouth, just like you would some gauze pads. They will really help reduce any swelling or bleeding.

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