Mom fights off man after he attempted to sexually assault her 2-year-old daughter

This Kansas mom was watching her kids play on the playground when she noticed this guy “eyeballing” them. Suddenly, as her 2-yr-old daughter sat on a swing, the guy picked her up, pulled down her diaper, pulled down his pants, and attacked her – but he almost immediately regretted that decision.


We, parents, wish nothing but safe and happy lives for our kids. Our main concerns are about the well-being of the children.

Of course, no matter what we do, we can never make sure that the kid is always under our care and protection. Sometimes, places which look like safe and secure may hide some unwanted dangers.

This was particularly true for one Kansas City mother named Christa Moore. She took her daughter to a nearby playground.

However, this enclosed playground brought very unpleasant experience to the mother. She left her 2-year old daughter explore the playground, not even considering the possible dangers that may hide in such places.

That particular afternoon was reserved for fun and joy. The kid loves that place because many other kids are having fun there as well. The mother sat aside and watched her kid.

The mother and the kid were in Kemp Park in Kansas City. The kid was having fun on the swings.

The peaceful and happy moments were about to turn into something terrible. That alerted the mother and made her react immediately.

What the mother noticed was a man, which according to her, ‘eyeballed’ her daughter.

The suspicious man made her pay close attention to her daughter. She was even more shocked to witness how that terrifying situation started developing right in front of her eyes.

Later, she explained that she saw the man started walking towards her daughter. He even dared to lift her from the swing.

What he did next petrified the mother. The man pulled down the girl’s diaper and her pants.

She immediately started running towards her daughter.

The later police investigation and reports show that the man’s name was William Bates Jr. According to the reports, the mother knocked the man down.

Bates lost his balance and fell. The mother got on top of him. Her intention was to keep the man there until the authorities arrive.

However, the man managed to get away and ran off. Next, Christa called the police. For KCTV she says:

“I don’t get how anyone would hurt a child like that. He walked up toward my daughter and the next thing I know, he’s grabbing her pants and ripped them down. He ripped her diaper when he did it.”

She also adds:

“I just wanted to hurt him.”

Luckily, the police found the man. Bates was caught nearby. He was caught with marijuana and some unidentified chemical fluid.

According to the reports, Bates told the authorities that he has been given a cigarette by unknown person and therefore he didn’t remember what had happened.

He also adds that he thought that he had been drugged.

Nevertheless, this arrest triggered the community and they demand higher level of safety in the neighbourhood and the city.

Christa’s bravery paid off. Thanks to her on-time reaction, a terrible outcome is avoided.

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